“If you've ever been touched... now is the time to tell.”

Find a safe environment

If you need some help thinking through these options, call the National Sexual Assault Hotline any time at (800) 656-HOPE or contact the Online Hotline at http://www.rainn.org/get-help/national-sexual-assault-online-hotline

Healing takes time.

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Remember, it's not your fault.

Be prepared. Not every adult, even trusted adults, are able to help. You may need to tell more than one person before you find someone who can help.

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Welcome to Mustard Seed Survivor Empowerment Foundation

Four Reasons to Get Help Now!

Reason 1

1 We are dedicated to providing services to all victims of sexual abuse regardless of race, religion, sex, citizenship, age, or disability.

Reason 2

2Receiving treatment in
our therapeutic and healing environment will help you break free from the effects of past abuse

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Reason 3

3A feeling of support, being more in control, able to make clear and informed decisions, and develop a safety or action plan.

Reason 4

4Short-term counseling to develop effective coping skills, improve your level of empowerment and use of support systems.